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Client service and satisfaction are the underpinnings of our business. Our associates foster a strong sense of trust and integrity with our clients.

We are committed to providing the highest level of customer service to make your real estate transaction as smooth as possible.

Commitment to Excellence: At Consular Network Ltd, we do not compromise quality and we are fully commited to providing our clients with the best and invaluable services. Our staff are qualified professionals of the highest standard and ranks in the top 1% of national Realtors.  Our company specializes in managing, developing, selling and letting good quality properties for good quality clients and we give maximum attention to detail and commitment to excellence.

This is what makes our clients customers for life. Consular Network Ltd continues to build its reputation on providing personalized customer service while our honesty and integrity coupled with professionalism makes Managing, buying , selling and letting your properties the enjoyable event it should be!

Technologically Savvy: Consular Network Ltd uses the latest technology and employs these techniques and tools to provide you with the best quality service. Our marketing plan allows our clients to Manage, let, sell or buy their properties for the best amount of money in the least amount of time, with the best terms, and with the least inconvenience to them.

  • Consular Network Ltd have Several properties that we manage for clients in Abuja, Lagos and the United Kingdom.
  • All our clients are happy and satisfied With our services, and yet we provide an impartial and derserved services to our clients tenants. 

A Summary of Our Services


We offer the following services to property investors and other clients.


Residential and Commercial


  1. Lettings
  2. Sales
  3. Management



Our management service is consistent with good estate management, relevant statutory provisions and professional guidelines.



Before the start of each financial year, we estimate service charge expenditure for the forthcoming year, request and collect tenant’s individual shares of the expenditure, certify and settle all invoices properly rendered in connection with the property and maintain and make available up-to-date management accounts. We maintain trustee-status bank account to hold service charge monies, arrange a professional audit of service charge expenditure at end of each financial year and report on and distribute the same.



We maintain and keep the property, in good state of repair, reviewing its condition, attending to day-to-day repairs of the common and structural parts of building and supervising maintenance work. For larger items of expenditure, we observe the tender and consultation process, in accordance with legislation. Where appropriate, service contracts are maintained in respect of lifts, other plants, security, cleaning etc.





We arrange for a periodic valuation of the property for insurance purposes, arrange and maintain insurance of the property and deal with insurance claims.


Company Secretarial

On request we can arrange for the provision of company secretarial services to Residents Management Companies.





We act as a liaison between the property owners and the tenants.  We can manage constructions, developments, repairs and maintenance on properties.


As property managers, we form a relationship with tenants, that gives face to the property owners and provides them (property owners) with the necessary buffer servicing their desire to profit and distance themselves from their tenants’ constituency.


Our services will include participating in and/or initiating litigation with tenants, contractors and insurance companies/agencies.


Litigation alone is usually an entirely separate function, set for trained Lawyers/ attorneys. We will have a qualified person not necessarily a qualified lawyer to handle this function under a property manager.


We shall give special attention to property owner/ tenant law and most importantly evictions, non – payment, harassment, reduction in pre-arranged services and public nuisance.


We provide our services using computerised system and computer-aided property management software and modern technology.


Our experience in property management will be invaluable to our customers, as we stick firmly to set methods in selecting suitable tenants.





For our sales and letting services, commission and legal fees accrues.

Our management services attracts a fee of 10% per annum.





 Some of our duties will include:


1.                  Getting suitable Tenants and maintaining the existing ones


2.                  Collection of rent


3.                  Rent review


4.                  Responding to and addressing maintenance issues


5.                  Advertising vacant properties


6.                  Credit and background checks on tenants (Tenant screening)


7.                  Create Asset Register/ Portfolio


8.                  Upkeep and Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM)


9.                  Stock Control


10.              Documents and Records


11.              Deal with Emergencies


12.              Create Lease Contract


13.              Create Bookkeeping/ Accounting system ( Rental Income)


14.              Random and Regular Inspection of Properties


15.              Suggesting Value added improvements


16.              Handling Acquisitions and disposals



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